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Tretower Castle (Powys, Wales)

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

A visit to Tretower on a misty morning. Managed by CADW and with the adjoining Tretower Court, this is castle is situated in the lovely county of Powys in the Brecon Beacons.

From Wikipedia (because I'm feeling lazy) -

'Tretower was founded as a motte and bailey castle by Picard, a follower of Bernard de Neufmarché. Probably around 1150, Picard's son, Roger Picard I, replaced the motte with a shell keep. By about 1230 a tall cylindrical keep was added to the inside of the shell keep, possibly by his great-grandson, Roger Picard II, and the space between was roofed over. At this time the earlier bailey was walled in stone and provided with cylindrical corner towers. In the early 14th century residential buildings were constructed away from the original fortifications forming today's Tretower Court. Over time the lords of Tretower favoured the more luxurious Court and the castle fell into disuse.'

Pictures were taken in November 2017

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