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Raglan Castle (Monmouthshire, Wales) December 2018

One of the big things I'd like to do in the next year is to visit my favourite castle in the snow. As it is, I've managed 3 (3!) visits in the month of December and I'd love to share these photos with you.

The first visit on the 7th December was my favourite - I got there before opening, the sky was blue although there was a good chill in the air. I got some pictures I'm very pleased with and it was worth being made slightly late to a friend-meet in Cardiff. She understood, she knows I can't see the sign for #Raglan castle without stopping to say hello!

Raglan Castle Monmouthshire Wales CADW
Raglan Castle looks good in black and white...

The next 2 visits were both brief and on the same weekend. The first one was so rainy I lasted all of 5 minutes before my poor brolly got blown inside out. The second visit was less rain, but more general exhaustion from a long weekend and a few too many other people milling about! (I like my castles quiet). Both days were amazingly grey, so no stunning photos from those visits!

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