• Lucy

Raglan Castle (Monmouthshire, Wales)

A late castle as far as they go with construction beginning in the 1430s, Raglan Castle was built for show rather than defense. Despite it's stately exterior, Raglan was held by Royalist forces during the Civil War and withstood siege and bombardment until it finally surrendered in 1646. Evidence of the subsequent slighting it still apparent, as is the damage inflicted upon the building by mortars during the lengthy siege by Parliamentarian forces.

Everybody has that one castle that they have a stronger connection with than any other, and mine has always been Raglan. Much like a black hole, if I get too close I feel myself being drawn in...

These pictures were taken on my way down to #Llangybi Castle in September 2018. #Raglan Castle was not initially on the cards, but as soon as it became apparent that the satnav was taking me within sign-post distance it was out of my hands.

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