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Old Beaupre Castle (Glamorgan, South Wales)

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Although called a castle Old Beaupre Castle is actually a fortified manor house. The original house was an L-shaped building constructed in the 1300s by the Basset family and the house remained in their family until the 18th Century.

old beaupre site plan
Source: Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales

During the 16th century intensive remodeling was undertaken, started by Sir Rice Mansel. This work added the impressive outer gatehouse, completed in 1586 and a three-storied Renaissance porch, completed 1600, along with the buildings around the middle court. The buildings on the west side of the middle court, now roofless, provided luxurious living accommodation with large windows, handsome fireplaces, a fine stone stairway, and numerous privies.

old beaupre castle site plan
Source: CADW

In the 17th Century the Bassett family abandoned Beaupre in favour of the smaller nearby Fishweir ('New Beaupre'). However, there is evidence of partial habitation during the early 18th Century with blocked fireplaces and windows in attempts at tax avoidance. The family's fortunes went into decline after their support of the Royalists during the Civil War.

The manor was sold in 1709 to Christopher Brewseter. The building became progressively ruinous with only the south-east block continuing to be inhabited as a farmhouse to the present day.

Old Beaupre is now under the care of CADW and free for the public to access all year round.

Site visited taken October 2018.

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