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Newcastle Emlyn Castle (Carmarthenshire, Wales)

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Strategically located on a steep-sided promontory overlooking the River Teifi, Newcastle Emlyn Castle as it remains today was probably built by Maredudd ap Rhys around 1240, and is possibly one of the few castles in West Wales to be built by the Welsh out of stone.

Around 1287 the castle fell into English hands after his son Rhys ap Maredudd rebelled against the English and was besieged at Dryslwyn Castle, fleeing to Newcastle Emlyn where the English managed to successfully take the castle after a prolonged siege.

It was one of 26 castles, mostly in Wales, that were owned by Edward, the Black Prince. He became the owner as part of the estates acquired when he was made Prince of Wales in 1343.

It was captured by the Welsh in 1403, repaired and reported as being in good condition in the 17th century, besieged by Parliamentarian troops during the Civil War in 1645, and subsequently dismantled and left to decay.

In the present day the twin towered gatehouse is the most striking feature of the castle. Other buildings such as the Great Hall and kitchens are no longer visible, but the inner ward can be accessed by walking through the gatehouse.

The castle is maintained by the local council and is free to access. Parking is available next to the castle but there is a parking charge.

Photos were taken in April 2018.

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