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Loughor Castle (Swansea, South Wales)

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Built around 1106 by the Anglo-Norman lord Henry de Beaumont as the Normans invaded Wales, Loughor Castle overlooks the River Loughor and controlled a strategic route across the Gower Peninsula on a site first used by the Romans as a military fort.

The castle was involved in many conflicts in the following centuries. It was attacked and burnt by the Welsh in 1151 and was then captured by the forces of Llewellyn the Great in 1215. After these attacks the castle was acquired by the de Braose family, captured by the Welsh until 1220, then re-acquired by the de Braose family. Reginald de Braose is likely the person who repaired the castle and constructed a stone curtain wall that unfortunately no longer exists, with a north-facing entrance and tower that was later replaced by the present structure.

After 1321 the castle reverted to the lordship of the Gower and was left to decay, and it was described as ruinous in 1587.

In the present day Loughor Castle is a scheduled monument and managed by CADW. It is open access, and there is free parking a 2 minute walk away by Loughor River/Loughor Boating.

Pictures taken April 2018.

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