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Longtown Castle (Herefordshire, England)

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Also known in some accounts as Ewias Lacey Castle.

Longtown Castle was built as a motte and bailey castle in c.1175 by Hugh de Lacy, probably to replace an older timber castle nearby, on high ground near the River Monnow to strategically monitor this important river route. It was rebuilt in stone in the 13th Century and the stone keep that still stands was likely built around the 1220s/1230s.

The de Lacy family controlled Longtown Castle until the death of Walter de Lacy in 1234. The castle was then acquired by John Fitzgeoffrey during a time of increasing tension between the Welsh and the Marcher lords. It then passed into the Verdon family, then to the Berghersh...

I can't find any reference to it being involved in any actual conflict, likely because once Edward I had subdued the Welsh it became rather superfluous. It was re-fortified by Henry IV during Owain Glyn Dwr rebellion of 1400-10 but saw no recorded action, and by 1450 however the castle had fallen out of use.

Pictures taken October 2017

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