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Beaumaris Castle (Anglesey, Wales)

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Beaumaris Castle is one of the castles Edward I built after his invasion of Wales (in 1282) to subdue the native Welsh population. Because of a lack of funds actual building work did not begin until 1295, under the direction of James of St. George (castle architect and also responsible for designing Harlech, Conwy, and Caernarfon for Edward I).

Although it was under construction on and off for over 30 years, building ended in 1330 and was never actually completed. Despite this construction totaled a whopping cost of £15,000 (there are amazingly meticulous records of costs for Edward I's castle building spree).

It was captured by the Welsh during the rebellion of Owain Glyndŵr, but was recaptured by royal forces in 1405. Then during the Civil War in 1642 the castle was held by Royalist forces and held out until 1646, when it surrendered to Parliamentarian forces. Fortunately for us castle-lovers it escaped slighting and was garrisoned by the Parliamentarians, but it soon fell into ruin around 1660.

Today the castle is managed by CADW. I visited for the very first time in October 2017, on a slightly dismal day and I finished my visit in the rain. I especially enjoyed walking through the tunneled curtain walls, which are plentiful!

Pictures were taken in October 2017

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